listopad, 2021

25list20:00Komeda – Seifert Night: EABS | RGG | Atom String Quartet20:00 Opus Jazz Club, Budapest, Mátyás u. 8


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Komeda – Seifert Night: EABS | RGG | Atom String Quartet

The spirit of two legendary Polish jazz composers is evoked this evening by three pioneering formations from the forefront of Polish jazz. In addition to Roman Polanski’s film music, pianist-composer Krzysztof Komeda (1931-1969) is famous for his album Astigmatic, on which he broke with a dominantly American approach to jazz, replacing it with a European aesthetic. Zbigniew Seifert (1946-1979), who died tragically young, is known as a virtuoso jazz violinist, yet his music was at least as significant because of his characteristic „Seifertiian” style.


(Czwartek) 20:00


Opus Jazz Club

Budapest, Mátyás u. 8