On the 7th and 8th of January 2019 we recorded our newest album! The recording session took place at the symphonic hall of Szczecin Philharmonics, and was done by Mateusz Sołtysik from MS acoustics. Now we are in for post production, i.e. mixing and mastering, which is going to be done by Piotr Taraszkiewicz, who has cooperated with us with our former recordings. We are already very excited about the results of our work, because the sound is a bit different than before.h. Mateusz plays a new instrument made by Wojciech Topa, we used special microphones, which were brought especially for this recording and strictly following the instructions of Piotr Taraszkiewicz. The hall sounds wonderful, and the Philharmonic staff were, as usually, really kind, which we are really grateful for. All the acoustic details would not matter if it wasn’t for the music that was being recorded. We did something we’ve been thinking about for a long time – using totally new means of expression, developing our musical language and giving up simple and traditional formal solutions. We hope we will be able to share more information about the album soon.